About Us

McSence Training Services, based in McSence Business Park was opened in 2010 following the successful setup of our dedicated training units at McSence Business Park.

John Swinney, Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development opened the training premises and everyone has mentioned how impressed they were with our excellent facilities.

In March 2010, McSence, with the support of Midlothian Training Services and Newbattle Community High School, established it’s first training programme. This was a 26 week programme in the new purpose built Training Centre.

McSence Training Services has now expanded the training opportunities and programmes  and now works along with the “Get Ready for Work” programme which is aimed at attracting young people aged between 16 and 17 years and also the Future Jobs Fund” programme which was set up by the government to help people who were unemployed for at least six months and between the ages of 18-24 yrs gain work experience in a “real job” for a 26 week period.

We are currently running programmes on Help in Home, Building Trades and Administration and are looking to expand to offer training to everyone. Our offshoot MEC provides support to the trainees who have finished their course.

McSence Training Services is part of the services provided by McSence Communications Ltd, part of the McSence Group. This award winning social enterprise was formed in 1988 as a response by the community of Mayfield to the devastating effects of pit and factory closures in the area. Incorporated as a charity, the McSence Group is comprised of a number of operating companies that provide a wide range of services.

McSence is owned by the community in which it is based and is governed by an unpaid board of volunteer directors. All profits made by the group are either invested in new business ventures and used to create further employment opportunities or returned to the community in the form of grants to voluntary bodies or individuals in need.